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Dining Out For Life®

DINE OUT. GIVE BACK. on April 13, 2023   
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On April 13, we invite the community to dine out at our local participating restaurants with a variety of cuisines from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to ice cream and cocktails! Our restaurants will then donate a generous percentage of the day’s proceeds to Broward House, supporting our mission to provide HIV prevention, education, and care to those living with HIV.

Featured stories of promise

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PrEP is Protecting Yourself

I am a 44-year-old Latino-Hispanic, heterosexual man, and I’m on PrEP.

I heard of PrEP through a peer support specialist that I had back in 2019 who worked for the organization Latinos Salud. He was able to give me all the information for PrEP and convinced me that it was in my best interest to protect myself while engaging in sexual activity. I live in Broward County and South Florida is high for new HIV cases.

The motivation for me to continue to use PrEP is because I'm very health conscious. Currently, I don't suffer any side effects from taking PrEP. I feel physically and emotionally healthy. I take a pill once a day, it's easy to remember. I just take my pill every morning.

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It’s Caring Enough To Want To Take Care Of Yourself

Do you have any idea what it’s like to have no teeth?

The most impactful decision of my life happened in a split second the day I decided to shoot up meth for the first time. It led to my addiction and the reason why all my teeth fell out. I’m also HIV+ because of it.

Whenever I was getting high, I was having a lot of anonymous, unprotected sex with other men. Using condoms isn’t something that comes to mind when you’re high, and even after I found out I was HIV+, getting high was all I cared about. It allowed me to feel free being gay, and I wasn’t so stuck on my hang-ups. Meth may have temporarily relieved my discomfort with my self-acceptance, but in the long run, I paid a very high price of not only losing my teeth but having to live with HIV for the rest of my life.

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