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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Broward House currently has 15 locations throughout South Florida to provide services to the residents of South Florida. Read more...

Spirit Of Hope

Spirit Of Hope

Members of the Broward House "Spirit of Hope Society" are the backbone of our agency. As part of the Society, these individuals are Read more...

Broward House in a not for profit social services organization with 25 years of providing services for our community impacted by HIV and other health concerns.

“What does a client of Broward House looks like”, an individual who desires and deserves to know they are worthy of respect and dignity.  Someone who is impacted by a disease that affects every aspect of their being: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical, who should have ease of access to the care essential for healing. We cannot provide a single picture to describe who we serve.  For that picture you must look in the mirror, at your neighbor, at the person walking down the street and the clerk behind the counter assisting you.  We serve every age, every race, every gender, every sexual orientation, every education level – HIV/AIDS is everywhere and so is Broward House.

The continued broad impact of HIV/AIDS challenges us to continue to broaden our services in both mainstream and unique ways. 



  • To improve the lives of individuals living with or at risk for HIV and other health issues through the provision of high quality services in a loving, caring atmosphere, regardless of the individuals’ financial status.
  • To impact community awareness through the provision of comprehensive prevention and education programs.
  • To maintain the highest level of fiscal responsibility in all areas of service.



Broward House is committed as a team to:




Cultural Competency


Upcoming events

Dining Out For Life
04-24-2014 6:00 am

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